Manuel Orellana Sandoval


Profesor Morezane Media Artist

2006-2008 Master of Media Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Chile.
2007-2008 Diplomate Mecad/Unesco Specialization in Digital Video technologies Online and Offline. Mecad/Esdi; Media Centre d´Art i Diseny. Barcelona, España.
2006-2007 Postítulated in Arts and New Technologies, with mention in Interactive Multimedia, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Chile.
2000-2004 Degree in Fine Arts education, Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences.
2000-2006 Title of Professor of Fine Arts, Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences.

Media artist, noise musician, professor and researcher in multimedia arts and hardware made for this purposes, member and co-founder of LaMe Media Lab where he works as a researcher in the area of hardware, software and web art, professor and director of medialab teclelab, workshop for high school students in social risk. His work as an artist is divided between creating sound artifacts through techniques such as circuit bending, hardware hacking and the interpretation of these objects to create music, and also the intervention of video devices or game consoles.

His work with video, is the use of low-resolution technologies and devices in use, found, recycled and re-launched it as speaking of VHS video recorders, analog video editors, handling of game consoles and old computers, adaptation video switches and toys that make image viewing, generation of oscilloscopes by amending obsolete televisions and use of drawing as one of its earliest forms and approaches to represent reality, Professor Morezane relations and created from computer programs whether video editing (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, Windows Moviemaker, as VJ Arkaos, modular video programming Max / MSP / Jitter, LIVES they have been the forms of transduction of these situations image from analog to make digital imagery has been a source and cause of his experimentation in video, the crisis of two diametrically factors similar and diametrically opposed.

About their work in sound Professor Morezane generates an impregnable sincretrism of sound compositions that have been formed to investigate, understand and apply a variety of situations to create instrumental music using variants generated through the creation and recreation of sound devices (circuit bending, protoboarding, hardware hacking ) to compose a piece and talk to the sound through them, not isolate the software that also plays a role in this creative dyad either in part or appropriation creating modular programming or other software configuration oriented over sound.

Understand the audio spectrum as a means of expression within the media arts work is also its reason for creation, the representative quality as well as the collective creation of sound artifacts and events in this context has been crucial and dominant. The sound work is combined in a concrete totality and research.


Frappe TV

March 2011 at this time.

Independent streamming television, with art and media contents and happenings in real time.


VTL – HaCktOrIa /Video Tránsito Local

March 2011 at this time

Member of VTL – HaCktOrIa /Video Tránsito Local, hardware hack of router devices for video streamming signals and intranet content.


Portables Exhibition


Co-curator at the international exhibition of electronic devices applicable to clothing and apparel called Portables, exhibited at the National Fine Arts Museum of Chile at the Mall Plaza Vespucio.



Videoexperimental mixed in real time using analog and digital switches hacked VHS tapes and DVDs found (foundfootage), shown in VideoSur II: Experimental Video from Latin America.

See the video here.



Performance transmitted by streaming video to Singapore ISEA.

Video digital and multi-format switch (digital video cameras, videogame consoles,
black and white surveillance camera, color surveillance camera, noise and interference created by a malfunction video switch)

Video of the perfomance.

LaMe N.N


Work composed by a structure of metal pipes and tanks that conduct water in cycles.
This metal structure has a container that is microphone for issuing water dripping sounds processed in real time. The structure is conceived as an organism that feeds on itself and produces a power circuit that amplifies and transforms concrete sounds from its own structure.

More information about the work here.

Postinor Pop-Ups


Value and interference of various types of pop-ups through the intervention of HTML code stolen from random pages. Concepts used: Netart, hyperlink, digital drift, cybercrime, HTML, contraception, collaboration, hacktivism, random.

In terms of contingency fleeting paranoid and control of national television news in transitional appear and reappear over time given situation and then dropping out and repeating the cycle of ghostly apparitions illustrating that for a time and location to be determined alienating TV up and full of images without having asked "not on demand”

Link to work.




Video that features an abstract version and somber arrival of Snow White
home of the 7 Dwarfs. Technically it is a rear projection of a length
found film, projected on a cinema machine crank toy
(Fisher Price Movie Viewer Theater) and captured on videotape by a camera fixed to the machine.

See the Video.



Rear projection of a black and white TV to Hitachi Hi-8 camera.

See the video.